Basic pension calculator

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The basic pension calculator helps you estimate what your yearly and monthly pension may be based on the information you enter:

  • date of joining the pension plan
  • estimated termination date
  • average salary of your five consecutive years of highest paid service

Eligibility details

You are eligible to calculate your public service pension if:

  • you are a past or current employee of the Government of Canada
  • you have two or more years of pensionable service

This calculator will not be helpful if:

  • you have operational service from Correctional Service Canada
  • you are under 50 years old with two or more years of pensionable service and wish to calculate a transfer value

Your pension benefit amount will be overstated if:

  • your service includes part-time periods
  • a division of pension benefits was approved under the Pension Benefits Division Act


To get a precise calculation of your pension benefits, use the Active member pension applications (access is available only to clients with a user ID and password).

What you need before you start

  • date of joining the plan
  • estimated termination date
  • service buyback number of years (if applicable)
  • average salary of your five consecutive years of highest paid service
  • Disclaimer

    Basic pension calculator disclaimer

    This calculator estimates what your yearly and monthly pension would be based solely on the information that you enter: your date of joining the plan, your estimated termination date and the average salary of your five consecutive years of highest paid service.

    Note: If any of your service includes part-time periods, this pension estimate will be overstated as the calculator is designed for full-time periods of employment only.

    The data, information or results contained in, furnished by or obtained from the use of the basic pension calculator is for general use only of public service pension plan members with respect to pension plan benefits. No responsibility is accepted by or on behalf of the Government of Canada and their employees and agents for any errors, omissions, or misleading statements obtained through the use of the calculator. The data, information or results obtained through the use of the pension calculator have no legal authority. The legislation, policies and terms applicable to your pension plan will govern any entitlement to pension plan benefits. Pension plan members or their authorized representatives who require further information should contact the Government of Canada Pension Centre.


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By using this calculator I acknowledge that I read and understood the disclaimer.

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